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If someone you know receives an Electric Shock: have them visit an emergency room as soon as possible, and inform the nurse that they've had a shock.
Even if they feel fine, as there are often delayed effects.

To report an electric shock use the link below. 
Reporting electric shocks 

The OTR is the regulatory body for the Electrical industry, we've included their details here because we support the work they do to improve the industry.

About the Office of the Technical Regulator

The Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) is established under the Electricity Act 1996, Gas Act 1997 and the Energy Products (Safety and Efficiency) Act 2000.

While the OTR is responsible for the administration of these acts, its primary objectives are ensuring the safety of workers, consumers and property as well as compliance with legislation, technical standards and codes in the electricity and gas industries.

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