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Our range of work includes:
  - Switchboards.
  - Safety Switches.
  - Smoke Detectors.
  - Surge arrestors.
  - Wiring Safety inspections.
  - General lighting.
  - Outdoor lighting.
  - Emergency lighting.
  - Garden lighting.
  - New Power points.
  - Repairs.
  - Rewires.
  - Shed / workshop wiring.
  - Underground supplies.
  - Temporary power supplies.
  - Fans.
  - 'Tastics' (also known as bathroom 3 in 1's)
  - Heated towel rail installs.
  - Rebuild/repair commercial sign lighting.
  - Electric hot water service element replacement.
  - Oven element replacements.
  - Arthritis friendly switches
  - Panrtry door switches.
  - Exhaust fan run on timers.
  - Testing and tagging.
  - motion sensors.

- Television antenna's.

  - Television installations.
  - Multi room audio systems.
  - HDMI or Component cabling.
  - Telephone wiring, including ADSL filters.
  - front door camera's
  - Clipsal's Starserve (multi room TV and DVD sharing with remote control)
  - Door bells.

Stuff you may not find elsewhere.
  - Relay control circuits
     Including - a doorbell for deaf people, that uses the houses existing lights to create a flashing 
  - Range control cct's for shooting ranges.
  - Power points low on an internal wall of a brick veneer house.
  - Modify ovens to become a drying oven. (for beef jerky).
  - heat box controls (we made these for a honey processing plant to control the temp. of the honey
     during packaging.

  - Any other electrical work - if everyone say's it cant be done, call us!!!